History of Tab Gear


The first thought of TAB GEAR LLC really started in April 2005. At that time I had never sewn on a sewing machine, let alone made anything by sewing. It was brought up by Frank Galli on his website, Snipershide.com, about a need for a better way to protect a rifle than was available at the time. I asked some questions about what would people like to see in a rifle cover. My first attempt was with a roll of paper towels and a stapler to see if I could make a crude model. After that, I went to the store and bought some cheap material and had my wife show me how to thread and use her little home sewing machine.


When I had finished my first attempt on her machine I took some pictures of it and sent them to Jacob Bynum of Rifles Only, Frank Galli, and my good friend Lindy, to see what they thought about my idea. Everyone liked it and Jacob said there was nothing like it on the market and it was a solution to a problem that was needed, and he wanted to have distribution rights to it. We all went back and forth on what we would like to have in the rifle cover and I began working on a production model.


The rifle cover is the first product that started TAB GEAR LLC. I quickly found out I needed a machine better suited to the materials I was using when I almost burned up my wife’s little home sewer. So I bought a used 35 year old heavy duty sewing machine and taught myself how to use a machine that could sew though your hand as easily as a piece of material. I spent the first four years camped out in our 10’x10’ dining room practically every waking minute I wasn’t at the job that paid the bills. Since I had no experience at all there was lots of ruined materials, tense times and cussing while trying to figure out how to do simple basic procedures. I had so many materials, samples, supplies, cutting table etc piled up in that little space I could hardly move.


Over the years we’ve built our reputation up as producing great quality gear at an affordable price and our name has slowly spread among civilian, law enforcement, and military shooters.  I’ve slowly built the business up enough that I have needed more sewing help and am so fortunate that both my son and daughter work full time with us. We even have some contract sewers who will make some products for us as the need arises from time to time. About September of 2011 our business had grown enough and things just fell into place that my wife and I both quite our day jobs and work full time for TAB GEAR LLC. So now about 95% of everything we sell is made by my family. I have sewing machines all over the house and now am in the process of turning my garage into one big shop where everything will be located.


Almost all of the supplies we use in our products are made in the USA. It is very important to us that we use as many products made here at home as we can find. I’ve never worried about pricing when searching out raw supplies for our products. Our main concern is quality in everything from raw materials to the craftsmanship that goes into producing everything we make.


We have a lifetime guarantee on everything we make, and the customer determines the life of a product. However, what good is a lifetime guarantee to the civilian who has spent several thousand dollars to get to a match, or a cop who is on a callout, or a soldier who is thousands of feet up a mountain far from home, when his gear fails? It’s not worth a darn! We always try to keep in mind when building all of our products that it may be someone who is defending our way of life that has made the decision to carry our gear, and we don’t want to let them down.


We pride ourselves in coming up with unique creative products that are solutions to problems that shooters experience in the field. We go through extensive testing and evaluation procedures when coming out with new products by having shooters from many disciplines use our products in actual field conditions. We are very fortunate to have many contacts in the civilian, law enforcement, and military fields that we can access to provide valuable feedback. This allows us to get input on what is working, but more importantly, what still needs to be worked on to make a better end product.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to look at our site, it’s been a long time in the making and we’re very proud of it. If you ever see us at a match please come up and say “hi” we love meeting customers wherever we go.