I had recently purchased a custom built Suppressor and I was at the public range testing it and a new scope. I first sighted in the scope with my rifle (DPMS LRTSsas_cover_2.jpgASS .308 w/18" barrel), I then put the Suppressor on with your SAS cover (my cover was a Velcro model) and started shooting. The custom carbon fiber suppressor,filled with steel shot as media exploded with the 4-5rd spraying shrapnel and debris across a portion of the range bench. This explosion could have been 3-4 times as worst if I hadn't had the cover on.

The cover took most of the blast and funneled the energy away from me and the people around me. The Velcro on the cover did release but only after it absorbed the blast keeping the carbon fiber shell from spraying apart.

Joseph Bonta