TAB Gear LLC is a manufacture of battle tested web gear and we proudly sell our products via Partner relationships. If you wish to purchase reliable Tab Gear products we encourage you to contact our sole Distributor or one of the many Dealers located in the United States and around the world.

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Mile High Shooting is the US Distributor for TAB Gear.


Mile High Shooting Accessories started in 2003 specializing custom components and triggers for Perazzi Shotguns. We entered the tactical side of sales in the year 2008 selling Accuracy International chassis systems and accessories.

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At Alamo Tactical, we test the gear we carry because we believe that trusting our products builds trust with our customers. Our impressive inventory of guns, accessories, holsters, ammunition and field gear is not only stuff we sell, but it's the equipment we rely on ourselves. We won't ever sell you faulty or sub-par gear, because we don't carry it.

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ATC is a full service AR shop that has a Class 07 FFL with an SOT class 2. We produce our receivers from blocks of aluminum, not forged like other companies.  ATC not only provides weapons, but we also provide clothing, knives, and other things to help a tactical operator or the avid hunter meet their mission goals.

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CSTactical offers an extensive line of rifle scopes, gun accessories, firearms accessories, military and law enforcement accessories, shooting, reloading, gunsmithing supplies and hunting gear

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Desert Tactical Arms was founded in May of 2007, the company was created to protect freedom for all nations and people by providing the most compact, accurate, and reliable precision weapon systems in the world. Desert Tactical Arms strongly supports civil rights, especially the right of every individual to own firearms to protect themself, their family, and their property and the use of firearms in defense, hunting, and shooting sports.

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(Pennsylvania) best binoculars, spotting scopes, Rifle Scopes, Flashlights, and much more - low prices, Free UPS, great service!

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Currently, Reliant Arms is in the developmental stages of its existence, however, Reliant Arms is devoted to becoming a fully operational company rooted in customer service.

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Snowy Mountain Rifles was born in the mountains of Western Montana on the idea that accuracy and reliability stand before all else. Using advanced machining processes to hold the tightest tolerances available, we create custom long range hunting and tactical rifles you can depend on.

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We believe that Precision-Guided Firearms will save the lives of thousands of American soldiers and give our military a tremendous battle advantage. We know that hunting with Precision-Guided Firearms results in cleaner kills and less wounding of animals. We think that Precision-Guided Firearms are ideal for predator control and herd management.

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Welcome to the home page of Triad Tactical, Inc. Triad is devoted to bringing tactical shooters, quality products at reasonable prices. We work to bring our customers products that have been proven to be long time favorites, as well as, products on the leading edge of innovation. Triad understands that equipment used in the field must be first rate and built to last.

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